Backlinks are kind of like voodoo science. If you talk to any SEO, they will talk about infographics, blog comments, etc. The list can go on forever. Every SEO has their own style of link building. One of the things that I like to do when I link build is create neat ways of reaching out to possible websites. Case in point — if you are a manufacturer, you should probably get some links from your wholesalers. Here are some effective ways to build links:

  • Blog comments: This is probably the best way to build your link profile to a PA of 20. This is as good as you can get with this technique.
  • Pick up the phone or do some Internet research: If you can find out who owns the domain of a website, you can probably reach out to them this way. This can be weird sometimes–“How did you find me?”

Do you need links? Yes. I’ve noticed that links, at most, will fluctuate you within one to two positions. When you get a lot of links, you are going to be in pretty good shape. What happens when you LOSE links? I’ve seen this happen. One of my clients once had a link with every single one of their city pages in a directory. This directory went offline and I saw a significant reduction in their Page Authority.


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