Occasionally, I will read an article on SEO/Digital Marketing Contracts. I will not say what makes a good contract–I have yet to see one, especially after looking at several templates on line. I also won’t say what makes a bad SEO contract. One of the things that I think is important when doing a digital marketing contract is setting goals. A goal is not a far-reaching idea, like “Get tons of traffic and conversions.” That’s not a goal. That’s an idea. I think that your agency shouldn’t promise you X number of leads or $x amount of revenue. That’s just not realistic or honest.

When you sign up for SEO, you shouldn’t expect huge wins right away. Huge wins, well, they come over time. I’ve seen clients with an agency for two years and during their second year they grow their online business by $1,000,000. That’s what a return on SEO investment is.

When you review your SEO contract, I think the first thing you should see some goals. Here are some types of goals to think about:

  • Traffic Increase – This should be a percentage (How much % traffic do we expect to grow by this month?)
  • Revenue Increase – This should also be a percentage.
  • Other conversion increases.


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