Musical Scores

  • Recursions: This is a short piece for Pierrot ensemble. In Recursions, I chose to substitute the alto flute because of the color I was going for. This piece was an exercise in fluidity, rhythmic freedom, and just discovering a unique style. There are jazz influences, also.
  • Short Study #1: This piece was written for an Honors Quartet at the University of Utah.
  • Nuanced Discretion: This piece was written for a percussion master class at the University of Utah. I was always kind of amused at watching solo percussion pieces. The performer always takes great care to lay out their instruments. I also wanted to include every percussion instrument I could think of. I dedicated this piece to my grandmother.
  • Unquiet Stones: Woodwind quintet for a 2012 composers’ concert. This piece includes florid counterpoint, rhythmic activity, and it was the first piece where I started titling my pieces after the poetry of Pablo Neruda.
  • Tiny Infinity for Orchestra: This is my doctoral dissertation. I studied Shapey’s String Quartet #9 for my article. In this piece, it was the first time where I was forced to orchestrate my counterpoint, which I found quite difficult. I worked on this piece for over a year.