As a digital marketer, we often have to live with working on the weekends. Here are a few tips that can help alleviate your workload on the weekends:

  • In your email signature, make sure that it is clear that phone support is available during your preferred work hours. Also, let your clients know regularly when you will be responding to email.
  • Facebook campaigns: Work with your clients to set a schedule. Let them know that you will do ad deployments on a certain day of the week, but minimize having to launch campaigns on your weekend. You shouldn’t launch a campaign on the weekend, but have your campaign optimized and ready by the weekend.
  • Schedule your phone calls for Mondays and other items for later in the week. Your Friday should be spent prepping for Monday.
  • Do you provide hosting for your clients? Have a clear plan for them if their website has trouble on the weekends. I prefer to set my clients up on managed platforms so that I don’t have to deal with this issue.
  • Be available on the weekend if necessary, but only for a little bit.
  • Have clear cut rates for the weekends. If something needs to happen on the weekends, go ahead and make sure that is built into your contract.

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